Our Process

We work with you from start to finish to ensure your reproduction looks the way you want it to.

Typically, originals are scanned, retouched and then colour matched through series of tests printed on the chosen media. Once we are satisfied with the test, the artist provides feedback to ensure the colour is suitable. Once approved, we print  the final reproduction. The file is supplied to the artist and also archived here for future orders. Generally this process takes 3 days.

Our Equipment

We use Epson printers to print archival giclee prints on watercolour paper and canvas up to 44″ on the short dimension.  All printers and media are custom profiled to ensure accurate and consistant colour. 

Our Materials

Our standard media consists of archival smooth and textured watercolour and canvas in sizes up to 44″ wide.

Our People

Our giclee printing is managed by Dave Mantel who has over 15 years of professional colour printing experience. Dave makes sure your work looks its best.