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The Imacon Flextight 848 scanner is a powerful tool for all digital-imaging professionals. With its high-end optics and 3 line x 8000 pixel Kodak Image Sensor, plus Imacon's unique Flextight original holder, this scanner delivers outstanding image quality that needs to be seen to be believed.

The Flextight 848 is also designed for maximum productivity and ease of use. This helps ensure that every scan lives up to its full quality potential without requiring extensive preparation or difficult adjustments.

The images captured by this scanner show an extremely wide dynamic range and uniform sharpness across their full width.


Custom Printing

Custom Printing services is tailored for photographers, artists, businesses and individuals who have high standards.Our custom prints can go up to 44" and larger . Archival inks and high-end papers not only display your images in the best way possible, but also feature a rated indoor display lifespan of over one hundred years!

Custom prints are available on a range of archival media including:

  • Photo Lustre Paper

  • Canvas

  • Smooth/Textured Watercolor Paper

  • Epson Enhanced Matte

                                            *Click here to see Mounting and Laminating options

Custom printing allows us to enhance and take full control of how your image is going to present on the prints. Our experienced technician - Dave Mantel, is here to help you with image corrections, restoration, detailing, retouching and almost everything you could imagine.

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