I’ve tried Giclee printing before and wasn’t happy.

The color accuracy, sharpness, and archival performance of a giclee print can be highly variable depending on the equipment, inks, media, and most importantly the technician’s experience and the  care taken thoughout the process. We are proud to produce exceptional work and we stand 100% behind our printing .

Why should I use Giclee printing?

Once an original is sold, you lose all potential for income from that original. By offering a limited edition of giclee prints you are able to gain long term income from your work.

Giclee vs Press Printing (posters)

Our giclee prints are archival, higher quality, and command a much higher selling price than press printed posters. They can also be embellished (painted on or worked as you would a real painting). Giclee prints can be ordered one at a time, as needed, which eliminates the outlay required to produce a run of posters.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, there is an immediate price drop for additional prints (if multiples are ordered at the same time). Beyond that we generally provide a quote based on your specific requirements.


Can I embellish giclee prints?

Yes, giclee prints can be worked on with most mediums. The majority of the print materials are coated to optimize them for printing and as such will behave differently than traditional papers and canvas. The ink sits very close to the surface, and will damage easily. Some media can/will be be sealed with UV coatings – make sure you consult us and test carefully first!

Do prints need a UV topcoat? Can I coat them myself?

Prints being framed behind glass do not need a top-coat. All other prints  need a topcoat. Almost all of our materials are  water resistant, but over time they will  absorb dirt and are prone to physical damage without a top coat. We recommend that canvas prints be coated prior to stretching for print durability. If you will be applying the topcoat yourself we recommend solvent based coatings.

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