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Business upgrades

Our store has recently upgraded its business and undertakes various ID photos, graduation photos, life photos, and family photos. Trendy electronic photo frames, Polaroid, data storage devices are coming to the store to welcome customers to buy in the store.

New business start-up: various website design, APP development, WeChat official account operation, e-commerce website development and operation, catering enterprise ordering settlement system development.

PHONE :2503867787   




791 Fort St. Victoria, B.C.

Tue - Sat 9AM-5PM

Mon & Sun closed


Can't recommend this lab enough. Staff are super friendly and extremely helpful, turnaround time is the quickest I've seen and they have the best prices in Victoria for both film and processing. I've put about 20 rolls through their lab so far and every one of them came out great. Don't miss this lab!

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