— Sam Warren

Can't recommend this lab enough. Staff are super friendly and extremely helpful, turnaround time is the quickest I've seen and they have the best prices in Victoria for both film and processing. I've put about 20 rolls through their lab so far and every one of them came out great. Don't miss this lab!


Current Hours

TUE - SAT     10 - 4

We accept mail-in orders

Here are info you need to include in the package:

- Full name
- Phone number
- Email 
- Services you need us to provide
- Instructions on how to return your negatives. (we keep negatives for about a year, so if you want us to keep them on file for now, that's totally fine)
- Any additional information we need to know (i.e. push or pull, soaked film, etc...)

We will confirm with you once we receive the package and call again for payment after the order is completed.

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As a trusted local business with 25 years of experience in the field. We have expertise in film and custom printing. Prism Imaging is proud to be the one and only independent pro film lab on Vancouver Island. We develop and scan film on site and our team is keen on providing custom solutions for all your printing needs.